Why Dental Implants Are The Ultimate Solution

Why Dental Implants Are The Ultimate Solution

When it comes to modern dentistry, a dental implant is a patient’s very best choice for replacing a missing tooth. Today, an implant is a highly successful procedure, with long-lasting performance and the most natural-looking results. Fabricated from titanium, a dental implant becomes part of the actual jawbone and, therefore, part of the physical structure of the mouth. Over the last five decades, technical advancements and procedural improvements have allowed millions of patients to enjoy much enhanced dental health, as well as a better quality of life.

Quality implants make for a better procedure

Essential to any dental implant procedure is how best to achieve success. And, like anything, the quality approach is the best approach. The principle behind an implant is common to all of the products and procedures, meaning that implants integrate into the jawbone and are connected to an abutment and crown. The difference, in some cases, is the product design and fabrication. Experience and expertise create the best recipe for success. 

Not all dental implants are created equally

With implants, quality does really make a difference. The product requires precision engineering and a manufacturing process that subscribes to the very highest standard. A long lifespan for an implant is a sign of high quality, meaning that the implant is healthy and secure for a long time. As well, surface material, titanium content, and durability all contribute to structural integrity for the patient. The best-made implants are designed to bond quickly with the bone, lessen healing periods, and improve the probability of a successful outcome.

Why choose an implant over other options

There are a number of advantages to choosing a dental implant over another method. To begin with, implants are the most similar to the natural teeth when it comes to look and feel. They are a natural-looking restorative procedure. Implants transfer a natural chewing force to the jawbone, which helps to maintain bone structure. As well, when an implant replaces a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth remain healthy and undamaged. And with a quality approach to treatment, dental implants allow the patient to comfortably eat, chew, and talk.

Choosing a good dental implant specialist

Choosing an experienced dental surgeon will make a big difference in the outcome. It’s important for a patient to remember that not every dentist is an implant specialist – it takes a great deal of training, skill and proficiency. Additionally, implants are complex dental devices and the surgery requires a high level of competency. At Diamond Dental Centre, Dr. Daniel Diamond combines expertise and experience, along with state-of-the-art dental technology, as a recipe for success. The Diamond Dental team is highly qualified and every effort is made to guarantee optimum care for every patient. High quality dental implantation is well worth the time, effort, and cost – it’s a procedure with the best long-term return and the best long-term outcome.