Root Canal (Endodontics)

Root Canal (Endodontics)

Root canal is an excellent opportunity to save teeth that may otherwise have to be sacrificed. Every tooth has the same kind of construction - under the white enamel is a layer of dentin, which covers the soft tissue known as pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels and tissue and helps the root to grow when a tooth develops. A fully formed tooth can survive, even without any pulp.

Under certain circumstances, pulp can get inflamed or infected. This may be a result of a tooth that is chipped or cracked; it may be due to severe tooth decay; or, it may be connected to dental procedures that are already in process. Indeed, there are conditions in which trauma to the teeth (for whatever reason) can actually damage the pulp, even when there is no other damage.

At Diamond Dental Centre, our goal is to save the patient’s natural tooth. Root canals focus on the inside of a tooth and, at Diamond Dental Centre, root canals are a routine procedure - they are safe and effective, with long lasting results. We have a modern clinic, with high-tech equipment, and a team of dental professionals who are skilled and highly proficient in their work.

Dr. Daniel Diamond and his associates can usually perform root canals in one or two appointments. Although patients sometimes find the whole idea intimidating, a worst-case scenario can easily develop if inflammation or infection is allowed to deteriorate. With professional care from a professional team, root canal treatment can repair and restore teeth with great results that will last a lifetime.

During a root canal procedure, damaged pulp is removed, while the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and hygienically disinfected.  The tooth is then filled with a restorative substance formulated for this purpose and is then re-sealed. As a last step, the tooth is restored with a special filling or crown.  A successful root canal and restoration will allow the tooth to function and feel like the other teeth.

Saving a tooth and avoiding additional damage is the main aim of a root canal. There are several other advantages as well: the restored tooth quickly resumes its original biting pattern; it returns to its full chewing capability; and it serves to protect other teeth from regular wear and tear. Everything inside the mouth continues as normal - and that includes regular biting, chewing and eating.

At Diamond Dental Centre, our dental team is focused on providing patient-centered dental care.  As such, we emphasize a preventive approach for patients; regular exams and early diagnosis; and treatment plans that are focused on results. We encourage open communication with each patient and make every effort not to create undo pressure when patients make important decisions about their dental health.

Dr. Diamond and his team are always attentive to the patient’s well-being. Our personal mission is to build long term relationships between staff and patients, while providing quality dental care in an environment that is friendly, comfortable and stress-free.